Video: how Dehesa del Carrizal wines are made

‘In harmony with the land’ shows never seen before images of our estate

Each bottle of Dehesa del Carrizal wine holds the effort and dedication of all the workers who are part of this winery. When it comes to making a wine, every detail counts. The soil, the climate, the care of the land, the pruning, the harvesting, the fruit selection, the work at the winery… everything adds up so that each wine becomes a unique product expressing the singularity of the land and the work of its people.

With this video we would like to explain to you what our terroir is like and how we produce our wines. The video, recorded during the months of June, August, September and October 2014, shows aerial images of the estate which have never been seen before. The estate is located between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, by Cabañeros National Park, and its privileged location opens the way for the production of a unique and singular Vino de Pago.

Discover where we are, who we are and what we do.


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