Chardonnay, the Most Widespread White Grape in the World

Germany and Japan are the main customers of our white wine

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The Chardonnay is one of the most appreciated and widespread varieties all over the world. Its origins are set in the Burgundy French region, but thanks to its excellent adaptation it has been exported to a wide range of different regions, from California to New Zealand or Chile. It is the second most cultivated grape in the world, after the universal Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is a white variety, its fruit is small and round, and it develops a melon color shade after fermentation. As a result of its ripening, a soft and aromatic must, rich in fruitful features, is obtained.

The first Chardonnay grapevines planted in the estate Dehesa del Carrizal date back to 1997. In spite of being a more common variety in fresh climates, the truth is it has excellently adapted to our particular microclimate ever since the beginning. One of the essential factors for this particularly good acclimatization was the stream Carrizal, bathing the area of the estate where the first Chardonnay vineyards were planted. The stream offers a constant freshness and the vegetation growing in its banks provides the grape with a softer temperature in the summer and allows for an excellent fruit ripening.

The Chardonnay Dehesa del Carrizal is fruity —with hints of pear, mango and lemon— and floral, with some notes of nuts (hazelnut and almond). The production in the winery is Burgundy style: skin maceration before pressing, and fermentation and aging in Frenck oak barrels, half of them new and half one year old. The aging takes place on lees with batonnage (lees stirring). The result is a rounded wine, unctuous and flavoursome in the mouth, but always fresh, light and pleasant, with a long aftertaste, ideal to combine with white meat, fish and cheese.

It is certainly one of the most demanded wines from Dehesa del Carrizal, particularly in countries such as Germany, where it is much appreciated, and Japan, where it is paired to perfection with raw fish. Switzerland and Austria are other markets where the demand of our Chardonnay doesn’t stop growing. Due to this fact, we have extended the cultivated area of this variety in one hectare. 

Our next vintage, 2015, is expected to be launched in the market in October.


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