High-quality fast food in Malasaña

80 Grados Restaurant creates a new gastronomic concept: Gastro XS

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Fast food doesn’t always mean low-quality food. Sometimes, it means eating very good, delicious and inexpensive food while enjoying dishes that are different from the usual ones. That is the idea put forward by 80 Grados, a great experience in a modern establishment located in the Malasaña neighbourhood, in Madrid, which takes fast food one step further. 

“At 80 Grados we’re very fast and what we propose is a different gastronomic experience”, José Manuel Vidal explains; he is the founder of the restaurant, together with Óscar García. The name of the concept is Gastro XS. That means the food has all the quality and innovation of haute cuisine but is reoriented towards affordable prices and limited times. And everybody loves the idea.

“In the beginning people used to tell us we worked very fast, but now they’re used to the rhythm that we work with and they love it”, José Manuel says and informs us that the highlight of their menu, truffled egg with potato foam and cured ham powder, is prepared in seven seconds. No, this isn’t a misprint: they actually cook it in seven seconds. Ordering it takes longer. “It is a very popular dish and curiously enough it pairs perfectly with MV by Dehesa del Carrizal. The combination is fabulous”, José Manuel comments. “We really like MV because it’s a wine with a young spirit and a character very similar to our restaurant’s: a delicious wine, with an elegant design, at a very competitive price. We love its taste in the mouth”, Óscar points out. He also suggests pairing MV with the creamy gnocchi in wild mushroom sauce.

Besides Malasaña, 80 Grados is also present in Las Tablas neighbourhood, which is also in Madrid. Both establishments share the same concept: haute cuisine served in minidishes from €4 to €5 so that the diner can try a bit of everything without spending too much. Moreover, one can enjoy healthy food with all its properties thanks to the George Pralus technique, the modern version of traditional slow cooking.

Fast food and slow cooking in the same restaurant? Haute cuisine and affordable prices? Seven seconds to prepare a dish and table talk with a good wine? Yes, it sounds contradictory, however, it is not. It is an interesting mix of gastronomic concepts that is paving the way for a brand new one which is definitely worth getting to know.


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