In harmony with the land: that is how we make wine at Dehesa del Carrizal

A great vineyard can’t exist without two key ingredients: passion and a thorough knowledge of the land.

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The production system at Dehesa del Carrizal is based on strict official rules which grant our wines the Vino de Pago qualification. It is not an easy task, but it certainly is an exciting one.

The whole process takes place in our estate, with our own vineyards and carefully selected grapes. The production regulations are strict, setting very low yields, rigorous aging periods and thorough quality controls. All of these ensure that we accomplish our work with the highest professionalism, making each task a challenge to overcome. And that is exactly how we like it. 

We like to take on the challenge of combining and balancing tradition with technology and we like to apply a scientific method in our process. We put in practice the “constructive doubt”, that is to say, we never take anything for granted. We test and analyse the results with a critical eye, with the aim of always making the right decision for each situation. It is a very complex and exhaustive production system, but it guarantees a continuous improvement and therefore better results.

Our system is applied to each and every single step of the winemaking process. They all require meticulous attention; however, at Dehesa del Carrizal we take special care and dedication during what we consider to be the quintessential part of the process: obtaining a perfect quality grape at its optimal ripeness level. Our principal opinion is this: there is no great wine without a great grape. That is precisely why it is of paramount importance to obtain an excellent grape.

Achieving excellence is a shared desire among all the professionals who take part in the winemaking process at Dehesa del Carrizal. Including the vineyard and the winery workers, we are altogether up to 45 people working towards the same direction and the same aim.

We are all essential. In a privileged location, such as the Dehesa del Carrizal estate, we believe that a great vineyard can’t exist without two key ingredients: passion and a thorough knowledge of the land. It is crucial to know how to choose the most adapted varieties, to define their cultural features and to polish and perfect the production and aging techniques.

Every single process is of great importance to the final result. Positioning the vineyard, planting it, pruning it, carrying out the vine-producing work, the irrigation, choosing the exact date to harvest by hand, selecting the grape, gravity-fed production, aging by tasting from selected barrels, blending… each and every one of these activities are essential in the development of a truly great wine. All these steps are carried out by passionate professionals who take the greatest care of the tiniest individual detail with a single objective: achieving the best wine… so that you can enjoy it.


Finca Dehesa del Carrizal
Retuerta del Bullaque
13194 - Ciudad Real
Spain [Ver mapa]

Tel: 925 421 773    Fax: 925 421 761


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Como apoyo al proceso de Internacionalización, Dehesa del Carrizal ha desarrollado un Plan Individual de Promoción Exterior con objetivos de tener su marca registrada a nivel internacional y conseguir nuevos mercados en los países siguientes: Puerto Rico, Colombia y Perú.
Para llevar a cabo esta actuación, ha contado con el apoyo financiero de la Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La-Mancha, a través del IPEX, así como con la cofinanciación del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) en el marco del Programa operativo 2014-2020.
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