On Father’s Day, Wine is the Perfect Gift

Three tips and four wines to celebrate on March 19th 

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Father’s Day’s coming and, therefore, the unavoidable question: what shall we get him this year? Well, we have the answer: get him wine! It’s a great gift for many reasons: he’ll enjoy it, drinking wine in moderate amounts is good for your health, he will be able to toast with the whole family or with his friends, and wine is an original and very affordable present too.

Three factors to take into account when offering a bottle of wine:

· According to his tastes. It is a gift for him to be enjoyed by himself or in good company, so it will be better if you know his tastes. Don’t buy a wine you like. That is cheating! Look for a wine according to his tastes, so that he will get all excited about it.

· He doesn’t have to know it. Giving him a wine in accordance with his tastes doesn’t mean giving him what he has been drinking for years. He will definitely appreciate it if you buy him a wine he doesn’t now but thinking of him. Discovering new wines is always a wonderful experience.

· Just because it’s expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s good. The only thing you know about an expensive wine is its price. It’s not neither necessarily good nor your dad will automatically like it. There are lots of good-value-for-money wines which may please his palate. An inexpensive bottle doesn’t have to contain a worthless wine. 

Having these three tips in mind, we suggest you some great wines for Father’s Day:

· Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Pack – An elegant and complex wine, considered as one of the best Cabernets in Spain. If your dad likes powerful wines, he’ll love this one. Father’s Day Special Pack includes three bottles for 40€ and free shipping. It’s the perfect gift!

· Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 – Another Cabernet, but this one dates back to the vintage 2000. An amazing wine, one of the first vintages of our Cabernet. We kept a hundred Magnum bottles in our cellar to check their evolution in bottle. The result is great. It’s a unique wine, ideal for special occasions.

· Syrah 2005 Vendimia Tardía – If your dad is into sweet wines, he’ll appreciate such a peculiar wine. The exceptional weather conditions in the estate Dehesa del Carrizal in 2005 allowed for a late Syrah harvest at the end of November. This grape yielded an outstandingly singular sweet wine. There are only 2000 bottles of half a litre each.

· Petit Verdot 2012 – A young wine from a singular grape. Giving this wine as a gift is always a good idea, since it combines freshness and softness with ripe tannins, providing ampleness and length. If your dad’s fond of discovering new varieties, it’s probably time to offer him this Petit Verdot varietal, a little known grape which is delighting the best wine enthusiasts.


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